Cost of Treatment

Cost Of Treatment

Complete IVF cycle at our clinic cost about only 1.0 - 1.6 lac (Indian Rupees) or US $2200 - $2500) and this includes all medical procedures, hormone injections for ovulation, Lab Tests, Scans, Egg pickup and embryo transfer. You have to arrange hotel for stay yourself. However our center can help you to arrange for stay.

Total cost (Package) include-

  • All ultrasound Scanning
  • Blood tests, if any
  • In-Hospital costs (for the oocyte collection
  • Anesthetic fees (for the oocyte collection
  • Fees for the infertility Specialist (for all Consultations and procedures, including the oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer)

All injectable medicine used in IVF.

All IVF laboratory costs during the IVF treatment cycle (including the oocyle retrieval, sperm preparation, embryo culture and embryo transfer).

The cost of freezing supernumerary embryos (if any) and storing them for 1 year is US$ 1000.

Why is IVF so much less expensive in India as compared to the US, even though we use exactly the same technology and same equipment and culture medium as labs in the US do? The answer is simple, Indian Doctors charge much less than doctors in the US and this is why IVF treatment is such a bargain in our clinic. thus, the cost for a consultation at our clinic is only Rs. 1000 (US $ 20) – a fraction of what doctors in the west charge. Indian doctors, like Indian computer professionals, have proven they are as good as anyone in the world, but because Indian is still a developing country, they charge much less than their colleagues in the West. There is also much less administrative paperwork, keeping overheads low, allowing us to offer cost-effective services to our patients.

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